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Teen Drivers Ed | CA When you register your teenager for their driver's education class, consider your choices. The State of CA allows driving students to meet their driver's ed requirement completely on line. Moreover, recent DMV studies show that students completing a computer-based driver's ed alternative, such as the course offered by, actually scored higher on their exit exams than students who completed classroom drivers ed. When you select an on line class for your child's drivers ed, you've selected a highly interactive method of driver safety instruction that they can relate to and learn from easily. But don't take our word for it, take a FREE trial of our drivers education class and see the benefits for yourself!

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There's many driver schools in the Golden State that offer to meet your driver's education needs, but not many driving schools providing on-line drivers ed programs are licensed by the CA DMV. has chosen Drivers Ed Direct to provide their online drivers education program because Drivers Ed Direct is a DMV Licensed Driving School.

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California Certificate of Completion Upon passing the final exam of your on line drivers ed course, your driver's ed completion certificate will be mailed to you. Also, you will be provided on line confirmation of your certificate processing. After receiving your certificate, you can then take it to a Local CA DMV as proof that you have completed an approved California Drivers Ed course and are now eligible to take the written DMV learner's permit (Road Rules) exam. In a hurry? We also provide FedEx rush delivery if you are in a rush to obtain your certificate before you turn 15.

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Los Angeles County and Ventura County Drivers Education Want to get great online drivers education for your teen? Then we have the quality courses you are looking for! We have on-line driver's education all of California. We have Northridge driver's education, North Hills drivers ed, West Hills driving school courses, Van Nuys drivers ed classes, drivers education for Encino, and hundreds of other areas. When it comes to teenager driver safety programs that are DMV approved, there's no better website for your driver's education needs than

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